This article is about the cartoon character. For the live-action incarnation, look here.
Ranger Smith

Ranger Smith is the head park ranger of Jellystone Park. Most of his problems come from having to prevent Yogi Bear routinely stealing visitors' picnic baskets.

Physical appearance

Ranger Smith is a middle-aged Caucasian male, with black hair, and a bulbous nose.


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Early life

He had an evil twin brother, Slippery Smith.[1]


Other versions

Yo, Yogi!

Officer Smith

Officer Smith.


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Episode details

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Voice actors

He was initially voiced by Daws Butler as a prototype to Ranger Smith (as most rangers were before the character was officially introduced). Once Ranger Smith became a regular, he was voiced by Don Messick and continued to do in virtually all appearances until Messick's death in 1997. One exception for Yo, Yogi!, where Raanger Smith was the younger Officer Smith, being portrayed by Greg Burson. In Spümcø's non-canon shorts of the late 1990's, he was voiced by Corey Burton, being the first unofficial successor to Messick.




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