Four Color issue 1271 cover

Four Color #1271, also known as Yogi Bear Birthday Party, is a comic published by Dell Comics on November 1961. It is the fourth special, and the first Four Color/Yogi comic that isn't considered a part of the Dell's main Yogi Bear line. The whole comic is very loosely based on Yogi's Birthday Party from The Yogi Bear Show.


  1. Yogi Bear Meets Huck Hound's Truth Machine - Kellogg's Corn Flakes advertisement
  2. Yogi Bear Birthday Party
  1. The No Lard Bodyguard
  2. To the Rescue
  3. Parade Plight
  4. Detected Detectives
  5. Lost By a Nose
  6. Go Go Goes Goody Goody
  7. The Strange Ranger

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