Four Color issue 1104 cover

Four Color #1104, also known as Yogi Goes to College, is a comic published by Dell Comics between June-August 1960. It is considered issue #2, as Dell's own Yogi Bear series started from issue 4.

This was reprinted in as an special in the Dell First Edition line.


  1. Recliner Room
  2. Yogi Goes to College
  1. Intro
  2. Chapter I: The Extra Fresh Freshman
  3. Chapter II: Egghead Hero
  4. Chapter III: Creative Art Creature
  5. Chapter IV: Run, Bear, Run
  6. Chapter V: Homey Yogi
  7. Chapter VI: Military Attired
  8. Chapter VII: Early Grad Grabs Worm
  1. Glad Hatter
  2. Do Not Disturb

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