Four Color
Four Color issue 1067 cover
Publisher Dell Comics
Began December 1959
Ended 1961
Issues 5

Four Color is an anthology comic series published by Dell Comics between 1938 and 1968, which lasted for 1350 issues. It was almost exclusive to licensed characters, and as such, featured Yogi Bear in several, between 1959-1961. The popularity led to its own series.


  • Issue #1067 aka Yogi Bear (acts as issue 1 for the spin-off)
  • Issue #1104 aka Yogi Goes to College (acts as issue 2 for the spin-off)
  • Issue #1162 aka Yogi Joins the Marines (acts as issue 3 for the spin-off)
  • Issue #1271 aka Yogi Bear Birthday Party
  • Issue #1349 aka Yogi Bear Visits the U.N.

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